Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater in East java

Ijen crater

Kawah Ijen ( Ijen crater)
The  turquoise water lake  Kawah Ijen ( Ijen Crater) one of the tourist icon in East Java  offers great beautiful scenery of green sulfur lake, at 2000 m above sea level, where the story about humanity begin everyday in the morning. We can see the poor porters running down the mountain with 90 kg sulfur. Walking through the passage of the sulfur porter. The ijen plateau his is the centre of the Ijen – Merapi. Malang Reserve. The Principal attraction at ijen is the large, Superheroes crater lake which lies hidden between sheer walls of deeply furrowed rock at more than 200 meters. The ijen crater itself lies at approximately 2.300 meters above sen level. It form a twin volcano with the now extinct mount Merapi. The enormous crater lake. which is 200 meters deep and covers an area of more than halt a million square meters. Contains about 36 million cubic meters of streaming. Acid water ijen crater shows a special type of vacancies feature common to Indonesia, About 1 kilo meters in diameter and 175 metres deep

Blue Fire Phenomena
Ijen Crater has a rare phenomena that we call as Blue fire  or blue flames coming  cause by sulfur gases from mining area. The magnificent phenomena could be seen only in the midnight from 01.00 and gradually disappear before sunrise at  04.00.

How to reach Bromo Crater
You cant  reach Ijen Crater from Surabaya to Bondowoso on the western side or to Banyuwangi on the eastern side it need 5-6 hours trip by land or by land from Denpasar to Banyuwangi need 4 hour.

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