There are plenty of hotel accommodation options around the Bromo park. Facilities at Cemoro Lawang and elsewhere close to the caldera are quite basic though and those visitors looking for more comfortable accommodation should stay in Sukapura or Tosari.

BROMO ECOLODGE – Sapi Kerep Village
The only boutique hotel in Bromo area, has 8 rooms in modern minimalis style and nature friendly,  this is hotel suitable hotel in Bromo for you the lover boutique hotel in Bromo area, quite, very clean (no volcanic dust and no sulfur smell), and safe and  best service, free wifi connection, this is the best choice if you want to get local hotel in 5 start hotel service.

Cemoro Lawang Village
Cafe Lava, Cemoro Lawang (very close to the park entrance).
This is a good budget option and it does have a rather wonderful name. Famous for its cheery attitude to visitors and notoriously bad food!

Cemara Indah, Cemoro Lawang,
Bad reputation: hard sell of tours and transport, thefts reported, overpriced. Nice views of Mount Bromo and all 15 rooms have hot water. You can sit in the restaurant and view Mount Bromo directly.

Hotel Bromo Permai, Jl Raya Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari,
It is right on top in a fabulous location but it is not cheap compared to the other options. Also reports of the hot water and heating not working. edit

Lava View Lodge, Cemoro Lawang.
The most upmarket option in Cemoro Lawang, located at the caldera edge some 500m west of the village and the price is a bit higher than other options here. Looks better from outside than in, but the rooms are clean and have hot water.

This German-run place is a bit of a legend on the backpacker circuit. It is located about 3 km down from Cemero Lawang. Probably the best value option anywhere near the park and serves notably good food. Has 24 rooms and two x 2 bedroom family cottages.


Java Banana Bromo Lodge, Jl Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java, A cozy boutique hotel with beautiful views. It is a lodge, cafe and gallery. Also offer mountain bike rental.

Grand Bromo Hotel (formerly Hotel Raya Bromo but this Not Operated Hotel now)  located  Desa Sukapura, Probolinggo, . Formerly this was clearly the grandest place to stay near the park but Java Banana may now hold that accolade. Located in Sukapura about one hour down the hill from Cemoro Lawang.


Bromo Cottages,
Tosari, Pasuaran, Despite the name, it is actually a fairly upmarket hotel with 100 rooms. Has a good Chinese restaurant attached and can arrange car hire. Offer a full compliment of organised tours in and around the park as well as catering for the independent traveller.

Bromo Surya Indah Homestay,
Wonokitri village, Simple place to stay in an excellent location. Popular with budget travellers.

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